Hofstra Debate: Trump Garners 62% of Debate Tweets, 79% of Facebook Posts

It’s all about Donald Trump…
The debate numbers are out and Donald Trump garnered 62% of the debate tweets and 79% of Facebook posts.

CNN reported:

Monday night’s Trump-Clinton match-up was the “most tweeted debate ever.”

That’s according to Twitter, which crunched the numbers immediately following the debate.

The raw number of tweets is not available, but Twitter said it exceeded the 10.3 million messages sent about 2012’s first presidential debate…

On both Twitter and Facebook, Trump was a livelier subject than Clinton. Twitter said the “final share of conversation around the candidates on stage” was 62% for Trump and 38% for Clinton.

On Facebook, the results were even more lopsided, with Trump earning 79% share of conversation and Clinton having the remaining 21% .

Being talked about isn’t necessarily a good thing for a candidate. Most commentators gave Clinton the edge over Trump after the debate. Still, the post-debate coverage on TV focused on Trump, partly because of surprising and confounding comments he made on stage.

Facebook said the “top social moment” of the debate was when Trump said his strongest asset is his “temperament.”

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