HOAX BUSTED! Lib Reporter Says Trump Grabbed Her After Debate… But New Video Shows She Lied!

Here we go…
It’s like the Michelle Fields Hoax 2.0

A female reporter accused Donald Trump of abuse in the “spin room” after the presidential debate at Hofstra University.

The woman, Alexi McCammond from Bustle News, said Trump abused her. He grabbed her wrist and pushed her away:


“I asked him a very basic question about how he could garner support from normal millennial women. As a millennial black woman that is a question very important to me. Instead of answering my question he grabbed my wrist, pushed my phone away as I was recording and said put that down.

Now there’s video of what really happened.
Alexi lied.

Will the 16 “principled” conservative women denounce Trump for this too?

UPDATE: Here’s another view from the spin room.

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