Hillary’s Refugees: 13% of Syrians Entering US Admit to Positive View of ISIS

Last weekend two Muslim refugees injured 40 Americans in knife, bomb and gun attacks.
** 29 injured in bomb attack
** 9 injured in knife attack
** 2 injured in police shooting

Thankfully no one was killed except for an Islamist terrorist.

Both Islamist attackers were born in Muslim terrorist countries.


Afghan immigrant Ahmad Khan Rahami set a bomb off in Chelsea. Dahir Adan from Somalia went on a stabbing rampage on Saturday at a St. Cloud mall.

On Monday Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out an informative graphic comparing Muslim refugees to Skittles.

The liberal media was outraged.

But Donald Trump Jr. was right.
13% of Syrian refugees ADMIT to holding a positive view of ISIS.

Hillary Clinton supports a 500% increase in these Syrian refugees to America.

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