Hillary’s Popularity Plummets Among Her Own Supporters

Poor Hillary. Even her supporters don’t like her.
hillary sick parade

Aleister at American Lookout reported:

Hillary Clinton has bigger problems than convincing undecided voters. It turns out she’s losing a significant amount of support from her own voter base.

The Business Insider reports:

Hillary Clinton’s unpopularity rating is rising among her core supporters

Hillary Clinton’s negative ratings hit a new high in an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Wednesday, and it looks as if she might be in trouble even among her core supporters.

For the first time in a year, most women surveyed in the ABC News/Washington Post poll said they view the Democratic presidential nominee unfavorably. Last month, 54% of women said they viewed Clinton favorably, but in the new poll, that figure dropped to 45% .

And it’s not just women.

Sixty percent of highly educated voters (those with post-graduate degrees) said earlier this month that they viewed Clinton favorably. That figure has now plummeted to 47% .

Her support among moderates also dropped, which perhaps isn’t shocking, but she also saw a significant decrease in support from liberals. Her favorability rating among that voter base fell from 76% to 63% , which ABC News/Washington Post attributes to a drop among Hispanics.

There’s nothing to indicate that these voters are leaving Hillary for Trump but that hardly matters.

Most people on the left are supporting her for the sole reason that she’s a Democrat, not because they like her.

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