Hillary Finally Appears, Coughs Her Way Through Two Events, Drinks ‘Special’ Water and Will Soon Disappear Again

Guest Post by Joe Hoft

hillary coughing fit

Hillary Clinton appeared in public today on Labor Day for the first time this month.  Her last event in public was her speech at the American Legion National Convention on August 31st nearly a week ago where she threatened war on Russia.

She started her day taking her suitors in the press on a plane ride to Cleveland.  The press looked like enraptured teens attending a Taylor Swift concert when she came back to welcome them on her plane.  Her time with the press was cut short after she started coughing and had to leave.


Hillary then spoke at  the 11th Congressional District Community Caucus festival in Cleveland, Ohio.  The crowd to see her there was very small.   Only a few hundred showed up to see her and her VP running mate Tim Kaine.

Her appearance in Cleveland did not go well as she ended up having another coughing fit that lasted more than 4 minutes.

When offered water during her coughing fit, Clinton refused the water bottle but agreed to take a glass of ‘special’ water from a nearby handler. This led to speculation on the Internet that the water she drank may be special or ‘thick’ water that is given to Parkinson’s patients and patients with swallowing problems.

Mike Cernovich added this:

Hillary ended her day with a 25 minute speech at the annual Salute to Labor in Hampton, IL.  The video of this speech on YouTube had only 2,828 viewers with 82 likes and 219 dislikes as of 6am this morning.  (These numbers are pathetic when compared with the viewership for Trump’s events on YouTube.)

Hillary Hampton Il YouTube

Ms. Clinton has a small rally scheduled today in Tampa Florida at the USF Student Recreation Center.  This is the first pure Clinton event scheduled in almost 2 weeks.

Ms. Clinton has no more rallies scheduled on her calendar. It’s really hard to believe she is even running for President. 

Has any Presidential candidate this late into the race had such poor attendance at rallies and such a limited presence in public?


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