Hillary Clinton Softens Schedule As Campaign Winds Down – Will Campaign in Florida This Week

The American Mirror, which does do good work for the most part, has a blind spot when it comes to reporting on Hillary Clinton’s campaign schedule or lack thereof. The American Mirror relies on only one website, HillarySpeeches.com , to report on when Clinton is campaigning.

That site is incomplete and cannot be relied on. For example, the American Mirror incorrectly reported on Monday that Clinton is set to go dark for the next six days until the first presidential debate on September 26, based solely on HillarySpeeches.com.

TIRED? After today, Hillary has nothing on public calendar until debate — in 6 days

“Hillary Clinton noted there are just 50 days before voters head to the polls, but that’s not stopping her from apparently laying low for the next 6 of them.

“Clinton held a rally at Temple University today, and, according to her public schedule posted at HillarySpeeches.com, she has nothing public planned until the first presidential debate on September 26th.”

Yet for a week it has been known Clinton was coming to Central Florida on Wednesday, September 21, for a mega fundraiser at the home of super rich trial lawyer John Morgan.

“Orlando Democratic fundraiser and medical marijuana champion John Morgan is hosting Hillary Clinton for a fundraiser at his Heathrow home in Lake Mary on Sept. 21.

“…Admission costs a minimum of $2,700 a person, with various contributor levels going as high as $100,000 for anyone who wants to be a chair of the effort.

“The donated money will be split between Hillary Clinton’s official campaign, Hillary For America, the Democratic National Committee and the state Democratic parties in 38 states, including Florida.”

It was announced on Monday that Clinton would also hold a rally in Orlando open to the public on Wednesday afternoon. Details have not been released, however the rally is listed at Clinton’s campaign website.

The American Mirror claimed Clinton had nothing scheduled for Monday after her Temple rally when it was announced last week Clinton would be meeting with several world leaders in New York City this week during the U.N. General Assembly, as would Donald Trump.

This is the second time this month the American Mirror has committed journalistic/blogger malpractice by falsely reporting on Clinton’s schedule when Clinton was actually set for meetings, fundraisers and an appearance at the 9/11 Memorial.

If you are going to call out a candidate for their schedule, make sure you know what their schedule is first, please.

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