Hillary Clinton on Release of FBI Secret Email Server Report: ‘Time for People to Move On’

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Tuesday it is “time for people to move on” from the scandal involving her exclusive use of a secret email server to conduct government business that was kept in her New York home during her tenure as Secretary of State now that the FBI report on the investigation into the matter was released last Friday.

Clinton made the remarks in an interview with Orlando, Florida reporter Christopher Heath with WFTV-TV.

“Just wrapped my interview with @HillaryClinton – what she told me about smashed cell phones, emails, & NASA”


Heath: “Specifically, what would you tell voters about the FBI report that was released on Friday and the revelation that an aide actually destroyed several of your cellphones?”

Clinton: “I would tell them that the FBI concluded there was no further action to be taken and that there was nothing inappropriate that, uh, in any way raised concerns for them.”

Heath: “It seems though that emails, servers, this all continues to linger, continues to be something that’s in the front of voters’ minds. Does that concern you?”

Clinton: “Well it concerns me because for political purposes people are certainly working hard to keep it on the agenda but I think the FBI investigation closed that door and it’s time for people to move on and actually compare the choices in this election.”

Clinton added: “Look I said that I take responsibility for that. I made a mistake. I’ve apologized. I’m not explaining it. I’m not in any way trying to excuse it. Uh, I’m just uh, very relieved that, uh, the investigation is over and it’s time to focus on what’s gonna matter in this election.”

(Transcribed by Kristinn Taylor.)

WFTV did not include this part of Heath’s interview with Clinton in a report that aired on the station’s evening news or in the report on the WFTV website. It was included in the ‘raw’ interview posted online.

The interview was conducted backstage at Clinton’s appearance in Tampa on Tuesday.

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