Did Hillary Clinton Expose Little Girl Supporter, Barbra Streisand to Her Pneumonia?

The physician for Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton issued a statement through the campaign on Sunday that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday while being examined for a persistent cough.




That opens the question of whether Clinton risked exposing the little girl who rushed up to greet her Sunday afternoon as Clinton left her daughter Chelsea’s New York City apartment after having taken refuge there following a health crisis Sunday morning in which Clinton collapsed as she attempted to walk a few steps to a Secret Service vehicle.

Pneumonia is contagious, especially when the patient has a cough as Clinton does. Clinton bent over to greet her young fan face to face and posed with the little girl for a photo likely exposing the girl to her pneumonia germs.

Likewise everyone else Clinton came in close contact with since her diagnosis Friday. Clinton attended a high dollar fundraiser in New York City headlined by Barbra Streisand that raised a reported $6 million.

Did Clinton expose Streisand to her pneumonia germs–and the high dollar donors who paid for a meet and greet photo op with Clinton?

“Barbra Streisand performed a parody of “Send in the Clowns” to mock Trump at Clinton event http://abcn.ws/2clbZG4″

According to a report at Medicinenet.com, most types of pneumonia are contagious.

“Pneumonia is contagious when the causative pathogens (usually bacteria or viruses) are expelled by an infected person by coughing out infected droplets. These expelled droplets contain the bacteria or virus that causes the pneumonia. These droplets contaminate the mouth or breathing tract of another individual to eventually infect their lungs.”

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