Did Hillary Clinton ‘Dog Whistle’ Call for Assassinating Trump at Press Conference?

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a press conference Thursday morning at the Westchester, New York airport in which she called on ‘every American’ to think of a way to keep her rival Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump from becoming president.

Clinton’s language went beyond the usual boilerplate ‘I’m doing everything I can to win the election and I need your help’ and veered into dog whistle territory hinting at a call for an assassin to keep Trump from the presidency.

Clinton said several times that citizens should do ‘everything’ to prevent Trump from being in the White House.


“But we’re on the brink of making a very critical decision for our country. And if I were not the candidate, if I were not the nominee, if I were just a concerned citizen, I’d be out here doing everything I could to sound the alarm about someone like Donald Trump getting anywhere near the White House.

And I will continue to do that.”

After citing a report that says ISIS has allegedly thrown its support behind Trump and prays to “Allah” that Trump wins the election, Clinton ended the press conference with a plea for Americas to do “everything” they can to stop Trump from becoming president.

And here’s the latest example. Matt Olsen, the very distinguished and effective former director of the National Counterterrorism Center, was so disturbed by what he has seen coming from the Trump campaign that he wrote an article that I guess came online in the last 48 hours, pulling from public sources, very clear statements by ISIS leaders, essentially throwing whatever support they have to Donald Trump.

They have, as Matt Olsen pointed out, said they hoped that Allah delivers America to Trump. They have said that they hope that he is the president because it would give even more motivation to every jihadi, someone who has insulted Muslims; has insulted a Gold Star family of an incredibly heroic Captain Khan; someone who has said he doesn’t want to let Muslims around the world even come to our country.

That is a gift for ISIS, and that is what Matt Olsen, who knows more about this than the Republicans trying to somehow muddy the waters, very clearly stated. That’s what I mean.

And look, I’m not asking for any special treatment. I — I know the road that I’m on. I’ve been on it for 25 years, and I just get up every day and keep moving forward. I love this country. I will serve it with my entire heart, mind and soul. I will do everything I can to protect America.

And I will do everything I can to make sure Donald Trump is not president, for many reasons, but this latest information coming from a distinguished counterterrorism expert should put every American’s mind in motion to try to figure out what everyone can do to prevent Trump from being the president.”

Transcript via Time.

Trump has already been the target of an assassination attempt on the campaign trail and has been threatened by Mexican drug cartels. There are also almost daily calls by Clinton supporters on social media for Trump’s assassination.

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