GROSS. Watch ‘The View’ Women Attack Trump Campaign Mgr – Then Praise Hillary Campaign Mgr. (VIDEO)

We keep hearing how the liberal media has completely outdone themselves this year with their hateful attacks on conservatives and Donald Trump.

Here’s more proof.


The women on “The View” this week harassed and abused Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, the first female manager of a major party candidate. The attacked her, mocked her, assaulted her and refused to let her speak.

The women on “The View” also welcomed Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook on this week. They praised him, celebrated Hillary’s debate performance, allowed Mook to repeat lie after lie about Hillary’s homebrew server and national security. It was a total lovefest.


Don’t ever fool yourself — the media in America today is nothing buy nasty dishonest hacks.

This was gross.
Via FOX Business Network:

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