GOP Lawmaker: FBI Chief Comey Admitted Reddit Posts Were Deleted to Protect Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

Earlier this month Twitter user GOPPollAnalyst posted a smoking gun on the Hillary Clinton email scandal–


The exchange described in the above tweet took place on Reddit and involves Paul Combetta, an employee with Platte River Networks, the company in charge of Hillary Clinton’s home server.


Combetta was granted immunity from Obama’s Department of Justice in their investigation of Clinton.

Combetta was the employee who deleted all of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

According users on Reddit, Combetta asked for assistance in July 2014 from Reddit users on how to purge emails and how to strip VIP’s email address from “a bunch of archived emails.”

This was posted earlier this month on Reddit:

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The House Oversight Committee later announced they will review the Reddit post showing the Hillary Camp ordered her server emails to be deleted.

Wikileaks later posted deleted comments by Hillary’s IT consultant “stonetear.”

Now this…
Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told Lou Dobbs on Wednesday night that the Reddit postings were deleted to protect Hillary Clinton.

Rep. Jordan: One of those individuals who got immunity and then took the 5th in front of Congress, Paul Combetta, was actually caught last week going online and trying to delete his Reddit posts. Posts where he talked about a very VIP person who didn’t want his email address exposed, right? That person is obviously Secretary Clinton. In fact, Director Comey admitted today that that Reddit post back in 2014, that VIP he was referring to was Secretary Clinton. And they wanted to make sure this email address didn’t go public. The they in that Reddit post I am convinced is Cheryl Mills.

Via Lou Dobbs:

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