GLENN BECK Has Meltdown After Cruz Praises Trump’s Debate Performance: “I Think My Head Is Going to Explode!”

Glenn Beck is having a VERY DIFFICULT TIME accepting the fact that Ted Cruz finally endorsed Donald Trump for president.

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On Monday Beck screamed, “Just cover me with a bucked of blood!”

On Tuesday Glenn Beck reacted to Ted Cruz’s praise of Donald Trump’s debate performance, “I think my head is going to explode!”


The Blaze reported:

Glenn Beck continued to display buyer’s remorse over his decision to support Ted Cruz in the Republican presidential primary Monday night following the Texas senator’s praise for Donald Trump immediately after the first presidential debate.

“Really? God help me,” Beck wrote. “I think my head is going to explode.”

Beck’s comments came after Cruz, who at one time stood unflinchingly opposed to the GOP presidential nominee, wrote on Facebook that tonight’s showdown with Hillary Clinton was Trump’s “strongest debate performance of the election cycle.”

“He drew strong contrasts with Hillary on taxes, regulations, law and order, and the disastrous Iran deal,” Cruz wrote, after saying in August he would not “come like a servile puppy dog” to Trump after he mocked his wife and father.

Cruz surprised the political world last Friday when he endorsed Trump after failing to do so during the Republican National Convention earlier this summer.

As for his own view of the first debate between Trump and Clinton, Beck wrote in his own Facebook postthat both candidates “had great moments and unbelievable horror moments.”

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