Gay Conservative Announces FIRST MAJOR PRO-TRUMP ART SHOW in America – in New York City

Lucian Wintrich Announces First Major Conservative Art Event In New York City


Lucian Wintrich hit the conservative scene in a major way with the soft premiere of his Pro-Trump photo series at the Wake Up! Party at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July.

Because of his support for Donald Trump Lucian was threatened, harassed and then fired from his job for supporting Donald Trump for President.


lucian wintrich
Lucian was fired soon after displaying ‘Twinks for Trump’ art show at RNC Convention.

There’s been very real pressure on conservatives this election cycle. Just today, a major Silicon Valley venture capital firm announced that it wouldn’t hire or fund anyone who votes for Trump this November.

Lucian refuses to be silent. He is not backing down.

In fact, Lucian is doubling down. Wintrich is planning the first conservative pro-Trump art show in America.
The show is planned for October in New York City.

Lucian’s Passion Is to Make Art Great Again!
–Here is his story—

Lucian is has gathered together some initial patrons and a deans list of conservative speakers, celebrities, and artists to raise the funds for the October Show.

** But he needs more support – Please donate here.

Lucian contends, “During this event, conservatives will steal back the myth that liberals own culture and the arts.”

While he has some initial backers, he still needs some help and is relying on those who want to change the game to back this project.

You can go to the crowdfunding page to support Lucian’s #DaddyWillSaveUS.
There are even great “perks” and items you can order if you’re interested in support this cause but can’t make the event.

Lucian shared, exclusively, some of his plans for the exhibit with The Gateway Pundit and I can tell you that this is going to drive liberals insane!

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