Former Advisor to UK Prime Minister: Hillary and Democrats Overconfident – And It Is Hurting Them (Video)

Hillary Clinton has no public events planned until Monday.
hillary gay pride parade with huma and doctor
She’s going to rest.

Steve Hilton, CEO of CrowdPac and a former strategy director to the British Prime Minister, told America’s Newsroom today that Hillary Clinton and Democrats are overconfident and it will hurt her in the coming weeks.

steve hilton

Steve Hilton: That’s exactly right. They feel it is a risk they don’t have to take. What that reveals is a fundamental overconfidence in their campaign. It feels to me that they’re so blinded by their hatred of Trump and their refusal to take him seriously as a potential president that they can’t understand that his message, and particularly when he really sticks to that like he did yesterday, has really strong appeal.

Via America’s Newsroom:

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