Far Left UNCW Prof Washes Trump Chalkings from Sidewalk – Brags About It on Facebook


More liberal-fascism on campus—
Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams is an English professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

According to current students University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) English Professor Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams has been telling UNCW students not to join the University of North Carolina Wilmington College Republican Club.


Dela Cruz Abrams also bragged on her Facebook page that she dumped water all over pro-Trump and anti-Hillary chalkings on campus.

She posted this on her Facebook page.

The professor laughed about her actions.

One student wrote The Gateway Pundit:

I went to the professor’s Facebook to confirm and, as you can see by the screenshots of her Facebook posts attached, she is very proud that she washed away the Republican chalkings. Funny an English professor condones censorship! I also continued to talk to a former student about this professor and she told me that when she was a student in this professor’s class Abrams would call her a racist for voting Republican Abrams would give the student failing grades in her essays if she mentioned anything conservative in them. She would openly put down cops in her class.

As a UNCW professor, this is unethical of Professor Abrams to indoctrinate her students. It is inappropriate for her to openly put down her students for having conservative views. Students come to class to learn and they should not be fearful and censor themselves as to not upset their professor and receive a bad grade.

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