Eric Trump: I Hope Matt Lauer “Will Be Fair”… NBC “May as Well Be Super-PAC Against Trump” (VIDEO)

How sad that the family of Republican nominee Donald Trump finds it necessary to beg the liberal media to be fair at the debates.

eric trump lauer

Eric Trump told FOX and Friends Friday morning that he hopes Matt Lauer, a Clinton Global Initiative “Notable Member”, will be fair to his father at the first presidential candidate’s forum in September.

It’s obvious the Republican party failed its candidate once again.
The Hill reported:


Donald Trump’s son on Friday raised questions about Matt Lauer’s links to the Clinton Foundation, suggesting the NBC host may not be fair in his role of candidate forum moderator.

“Obviously there’s a lot of speculation because of his involvement with the foundation,” Eric Trump said in an interview with “Fox and Friends.” “

I hope he’ll be fair,” he continued, saying that NBC and MSNBC have been biased against his father.

“It may as well be a super-PAC against Trump,” he said. “It’s really, really sad to see what’s happened to the media on that station.”

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