Detroit Columnist Uses Racial Slur to Describe Donald Trump in Visit to Black Church

An award winning Black female columnist with the Detroit Free Press used a racial slur to describe Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in a column about his visit to a Black church in Detroit on Saturday.

Rochelle Riley, in a column entitled, Donald Trump got what he came to Detroit for; now what?, used the racial slur ‘white boy’ to describe Trump at the church service.

Riley also employed the racist stereotype of white people having no rhthym by writing Trump had to check with his Black female adviser Omarosa Manigault to see when to clap.

Nobody was fooled.

Everything happened as it was supposed to.

Donald Trump showed up in Detroit and got what he came for: He sat in a black church service for the first time ever. He stood along with a mighty choir and did the white boy sway, occasionally watching Omarosa to see when to clap.

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Video taken at the service of Trump dancing puts the lie to Riley’s racist comment that Trump was “watching Omarosa to see when to clap.”

“Here’s some Dancing Trump from church today in Detroit:”

According to Riley’s about page, she is an award winning columnist with decades of experience in the mainstream media.

Rochelle Riley promo
Rochelle Riley.

“ROCHELLE RILEY’S award-winning columns have appeared in the Detroit Free Press and at since 2000…She has worked at the Greensboro Daily News and Record, the Fort Worth-Star Telegram, The Washington Post and The Dallas Morning News, covering education and children’s issues or working as an assistant city editor. In 1992, she was named deputy managing editor at The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky., where she oversaw the metro, regional, suburban, sports and business desks.”

Any columnist–and their editor–would be hounded out of their jobs for running a column in a mainstream outlet like the Detroit Free Press that called President Barack Obama a ‘black boy’.

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