Dental Expert: Hillary Clinton Is Suffering From Serious Gum Infection and Immune Disorder

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Chris, a practicing dental hygienist for 43 years, is concerned about Hillary Clinton’s poor health and sent this in.

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While watching a video of HRC speaking to the press on the plane yesterday, her mouth seemed “off”. I am a practicing dental hygienist (43 years).

Here’s my take, for what it’s worth:

She has two crowns (caps) in the front of her mouth. Teeth #8 and #7 (front center tooth on right and the smaller front tooth to the right of the center tooth). She has had these crowns for years. It may even be a bridge (a Maryland Bridge in dental terms).

Well, a close up of her mouth shows that (besides having food stuck in between #’s 6 and 7, which can happen to anyone), her gums are VERY inflamed, especially around these two crowns. As a Dental Hygienist, if a patient sat down in my chair with the appearance of her gums, before even examining her teeth and gums with a light and dental explorer and perio probe, I would immediately suspect gingivitis at best and more probably periodontitis.

She may have had recent implant surgery to replace those teeth with implants but the rest of her gums are not healthy either (judging by the photo).

Serious diseases are often linked with periodontitis.

hillary teeth

At the very least, she may have Sjogren’s Disease/Syndrome. The symptoms are extreme dryness of the eyes and mouth, which may cause the coughing fits and will cause her gums to look the way they do.

Sjogren’s is basically a sign of an immune disorder. UPDATE: Elizabeth posted this in the comments:

I have Sjogrens. I was just speculating today if she has it. She’s got the dried up mouth and throat, difficulty swallowing and talking, neurological issues, brain fog, emotions messed up, everything … AND I had a concussion about 7 years ago as well. I know how this has effected my health. There is no way she should be any where near the oval office if she’s got Sjogrens.

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