Crazy Liberal Gets Triggered By Hawaiian Dashboard Bobble-Head And Attacks Lyft Driver (VIDEO)

Guest post from American Lookout

hawaiian dance doll

Just when you thought that social justice warriors couldn’t get anymore insane, this woman goes and gets triggered by a Hawaiian dashboard doll bobble-head.

Why? Well because it’s offensive of course!

Info Wars reports:

An irate social justice warrior filmed an exchange she had with a Lyft driver after she was triggered by a small ornamental Hawaiian doll he had displayed on his dashboard.

Hilarity ensued.

The woman filming, a porn CEO named Annaliese Nielsen, put up a big fuss about the doll, claiming it somehow offended her, and said the driver, who was of Asian descent, was exercising his white male privilege by refusing to take it down.

The months-old video is steeped in irony as Nielsen tells the Lyft driver she is going to send her film to the now-defunct media organization, who she insists would have published it – had they not declared bankruptcy and closed down earlier this month.

There is literally an entire generation of special snowflakes who think it’s their life purpose to continually play the oppression card.

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