Comedy Central Writer: We Wanted Ann Coulter to “Acknowledge That She Is a Piece of Sh*t” During Roast (VIDEO)

Earlier this month Ann Coulter attended the Comedy Central Roast for Rob Lowe.
Hollywood elites took turns calling her a c*nt an telling her to go kill herself.

And Ann Coulter was called a cunt – 19 times – by Hollywood elites during a roast… for Rob Lowe.
coulter roast
And she still looked beautiful.

It’s Hollywood humor.
It’s what they think is funny.


Oh, and it’s not misogynistic or anything, either.

Now this…
The writers from the show wanted Ann Coulter to admit “she’s a piece of sh*t” on the show.
This clip from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #843 with Tony Hinchcliffe.

Tony Hinchcliffe (pictured below)is a far left writer for Comedy Central.

He told Joe Rogan that the writers wanted Ann Coulter to acknowledge “she’s a piece of sh*t” during her speech. They were angry when she rejected the idea.

Tony Hinchcliffe: We just wanted Ann to acknowledge she’s a piece of shit and she didn’t want to do that. instead she came out with, “You may not know why I’m here. It couldn’t possibly be to promote my new book.” And she leans down all awkwardly and pulls out her sh*tty book…

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