Chelsea Islamist Bomber Ahmad Rahami Sued Police in 2011 for Profiling Muslims

Authorities arrested Ahmad Khan Rahami on Monday in connection with the bombing that took place in Chelsea district in New York City.
29 people were injured in the blast.

Rahami was arrested after a shootout with police this morning.

Rahami shot a police officer in the abdomen during his arrest.
The officer was wearing a bullet-proof vest that saved him.


Now this…
Ahmad Rahami sued New Jersey police for profiling Muslims in 2011.

Rahami alleged the police used discrimination and abuse of process in targeting Muslims.
Raw Story reported:

Ahmad Rahami reportedly filed a federal lawsuit against police in his hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey alleging discrimination and “selective enforcement.”

Ahmad, 28, his father Mohammad Sr, 53, and his brother Mohammad, brought a lawsuit against the city in 2011 in Newark federal court, claiming that Elizabeth residents abused them regularly. The suit alleges “discrimination,” “false arrest” and “abuse of process” that humiliated them and hurt their business.

According to the Daily Mail, the family has owned the chicken restaurant since 2002 and allegedly experienced bigotry from the beginning. The suit blames them for a “reckless disregard and deliberate indifference for plaintiff’s constitutional rights of liberty, due process and equal protection.”

It also claims officers said there was “too much crime around here’ and that the area around the restaurant was ‘known for criminal activity.”

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