UPDATE: Confirmed Pipe Bombs Found at Elizabeth, New Jersey Rail Station, One Bomb Explodes

UPDATES at 12:30 P.M. CDT:

Large explosion heard, mayor later informs media it was not a controlled explosion and that more may be heard as there are multiple devices that were found in a backpack. Five bombs reported found in one backpack.

“Elizabeth, NJ mayor says 5 devices were left in a single backpack. Had “bomb” went of “it would have certainly killed/injured many”.

“Thunderous explosion that seemed to startle many police + sent others running heard in Elizabeth, NJ train station”

“Mayor of Elizabeth, NJ now says this was NOT a controlled explosion. Says this “was an explosive device” and “could have hurt a lot of ppl””

A previous statement incorrectly said it was a controlled explosion.

“Mayors spokesman confirms controlled explosion in Elizabeth,NJ. Says there may be more “booms” as “multiple” devices are in single backpack.”

“NBC News’ @Miguelnbc reports that a robot was attempting to cut in the device in New Jersey when the device exploded.:

In a video update posted below. the mayor of Elizabeth describes one suspicious package being looked into as a possible pipe bomb (a pipe with wires) that a preliminary investigation indicated could be a bomb.


“NBC NEWS: Device found in Elizabeth at a NJ Transit stop is similar in appearance to device found in Seaside Park, NJ. FBI investigating.”

The New York Daily News reported Sunday night that “three pipe bombs and two smaller devices” were found at an Elizabeth, New Jersey rail station.

“authorities discovered three pipe bombs and two smaller devices at a train station in Elizabeth, shuttering train service along the Northeast Corridor from Newark Airport due to the police investigation.”

Other outlets are reporting a ‘suspicious package’ was found at the rail station or on the tracks.

“DEVELOPING: Authorities stop trains near Elizabeth, New Jersey to investigate suspicious package”

CBS New York reported:

“A suspicious device was found on the Northeast Corridor train tracks in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Sunday night.

“The suspicious item was found in the area of North Broad and Westfield Avenue.”

Either way, train traffic in the Northeast Corridor is snarled.

“.@REspositoNBC reports all westbound & southbound Amtrak and NJT trains are being held at Penn Station as a result of incident in Elizabeth.”

Video of Elizabeth Mayor J. Christian Bollwage speaking about the incident.

Two trash pickers found package in trashcan, dropped it under train trestle when they noticed it looked like a bomb and notified police.

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