PHOTOS-VIDEO=> Islamist Ahmad Khan Rahami Cuffed on the Street After Shootout With Police!

PHOTO—– Image of Ahmad Khan Rahami in custody after shootout this morning……..

He is alive and cuffed on the street…

Rahami shot a police officer in the abdomen during his arrest.
The officer was wearing a bullet-proof vest that saved him.

Rahami was sleeping in a doorway when he was approached by police.

Authorities were searching for Ahmad Khan Rahami in connection with the bombing that took place in Chelsea district in New York City.

The FBI released an alert saying Rahami is armed and dangerous.

Rahami is US naturalized citizen from Afghanistan.
He reportedly has foreign terror connections.

UPDATE: ISlamist Ahmad Khan Rahami is now in custody after a shootout with police in New Jersey.

CBS Local reported:

A man being sought in connection with an explosion in Seaside Park, New Jersey and another blast in Chelsea is believed to be in custody, Linden police said.

Authorities have been looking for Ahmad Khan Rahami, a 28-year-old naturalized U.S. citizen from Afghanistan.

The NYPD and the FBI first said Monday morning that Rahami was being sought in the Chelsea explosion that left 29 people hurt.

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