UPDATES: FBI Takes ‘Five Afghans’ into Custody – Connected to CHELSEA BOMBING

Reports on Twitter state the FBI has taken several people into custody in a traffic stop on the Belt Parkway in New York City. Civilian eyewitnesses reported heavily armed police arresting ‘Arab garbed’ men or women.

UPDATES: Geraldo Rivera posyed to Twitter that an ‘unimpeachable source’ told him it was five Afghans who were taken into custody.

“Five Afghans in custody in Brooklyn in connection with the New York and New Jersey bombings. Not officially called suspects yet. Fast work.”

“That’s from an unimpeachable police source, but I haven’t second sourced it yet. Don’t know how old they are or how long they’ve been here.”

“BREAKING: FBI arrests five people late Sunday in possible connection to Chelsea bombing http://nydn.us/2d9vwYp”

The Daily News reported a weapons stash was found in the vehicle.

“Federal agents busted five people in Brooklyn in a possible connection to the Chelsea bombing late Sunday, law enforcement sources said.

“The suspects were busted with a weapons stash inside an SUV along the Belt Parkway eastbound lanes.”

“FBI to NBC News: Traffic stop near Verrazano Bridge was related to Saturday’s bombing in Manhattan – @jonathan4ny”

“#BREAKING: UPDATE: @NewYorkFBI took 5 people into custody for questioning at their HQ.”

“#BREAKING: FBI take several people into custody on the Belt Parkway underneath the Verrazano bridge, following a car stop, police sources”

“Police have pulled over Arab garbed man on Belt Parkway by 4th avenue Bklyn @nypost”

“Belt parkway – near the verrazano bridge, something is going on with 20+ cop cars..”


“@Lee_Saks #NYC car with guns stopped on Belt Parkway East in #Brooklyn. ~20 cop cars, PD full body armor. ppl on ground in handcuffs”


“@Lee_Saks #NYC update from #NYPD: ~hour ago #FBI took several individuals into custody on Belt Pkwy (my i witness says several muslim woman)”


“BREAKING Multiple people in FBI custody at Belt Parkway near Verrazano Bridge, possible Chelsea bombing connections – via Sen Marty Golden.”

Image source via Twitter.

“Update from the NYPD: About an hour ago, the FBI took several individuals into custody on the… https://www.instagram.com/p/BKhUZSlAf7G/ “

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