UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Coughing Fit Forces Clinton to Break Off Press Gaggle

VIDEO OF NEW COUGHING FIT ADDED AT END OF ARTICLE. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had to break off her gaggle with the traveling press on her campaign plane Monday afternoon after another coughing fit. Earlier in Cleveland Clinton had a strong coughing fit that forced her to struggle to give a Labor Day address.

Clinton returned to the press after several minutes, water bottle in hand according to tweets by ABC News reporter Liz Kreutz.

“Hillary Clinton gaggling with reporters as we fly from Cleveland to the Quad Cities”

“Clinton made statements about her new book & Russia/hacking, and then took 7 questions from reporters before excusing herself bc of a cough.”

“Plane has landed — and Clinton (water in hand) has just come back to finish the gaggle”

“”One thing you know from my doctor letter is I have seasonal allergies,” Clinton joked after returning to the gaggle following her cough”

“HRC’s 1st press avail on her plane lasted roughly 20 min (longer than any gaggle this year) & included roughly 12 Qs on wide range of topics”

“Does Clinton think the conspiracy theories about her health are sexist? “Hmmm,” Clinton replied with a smile. “Interesting…””

Video of Clinton’s coughing fit in Cleveland Monday.

While talking with press on plane, Clinton’s cough starts mild and then builds to point she walks away.

As noted above, Clinton returned after a few minutes to take more questions.

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