BOOM! TRUMP CAMPAIGN Raises $5 Million from Small Donations After Immigration Speech!

On Thursday night the Trump Campaign website crashed following his immigration speech in Phoenix, Arizona.

The donations page went down due to “unusually high volume of traffic.”
This was at 10:53 PM.

Now we know why the website crashed…
The Trump campaign raised $5 million after his immigration speech in Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday. reported:


Donald Trump’s campaign digital director Brad Parscale said that the campaign raised more than $5 million dollars worth of small online donations, under $200, in a single day, not counting donations sent by mail or phone.

The amount is reportedly a new daily record for the campaign.

Trump raised $37 million in July, with 64 percent coming from small-dollar donors. Hillary Clinton raised $63 million, with only 36 percent of her campaign’s donations totaling less than $200.

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