Bill Clinton Goes Off Script, Slams Obama: “We Didn’t Have a Lot of This Craziness When I Was President” (VIDEO)

Once again, Bill Clinton went off script and slammed Barack Obama during a small campaign organizing event Friday in Pittsburgh.


Clinton destroyed Barack Obama in front of his Democratic audience!
Via American Mirror:

“If you saw that (Commander in Chief forum), she’s the only person that has the standing and the understanding to keep us safe and give us the space we need to grow our way out of the long trough we’ve been in since the financial crash, and if we do it, we can take the rest of the world with us. You know, you didn’t have a lot of this craziness when I was president because people felt good.

After 8 years after the crash, 80% of the American people after inflation haven’t gotten a pay raise. Almost all the gains have gone to the top 1% .

That was brutal!

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