WOW! Monmouth Refigures Poll After Trump Comes Out With Lead Over Hillary Clinton

WOW! These people are sooo corrupt!

Monmouth University released a poll today that had Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton.
Trump was up 41-39 so they weighted the poll with more Democrats to give Hillary the lead.

The original unweighted poll had 33 Republicans to 35 Democrats – with Trump leading.
The revised poll had 29 Republicans to 37 Democrats… And, Wallah! Hillary has the lead.

trump thumbs

Conservative Treehouse reported:

Today, Monmouth via Patrick Murray presents a presidential poll of Ohio voters. The actual raw data (pdf available here – see pg, 6 and 7) showed Donald Trump with a lead in the result; however, Murray changed the data through weighting to show Hillary Clinton with a lead.

“GOUSAAMER114” pointed out the manipulation:

Monmouth just announced that Clinton leads Trump 43-39 in Ohio. But Pollster Patrick actually laid out what he did on pages 6 and 7 of the PDF.

He sampled 402 voters. In the unweighted sample, the split was 33.3R/29.3D/35.6I. With that split, Trump leads Clinton 41-39 in Ohio. But Pollster Patrick re-weighted it to a 29R/33D/37I split. Nothing else was re-weighted.

It’s obvious Murray didn’t expect to be called out on it – because when confronted with what he did, pollster Patrick Murray flat out lied.

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