Sinister #NeverTrumpers Float Mormon Candidate to Peel Votes from Trump So Hillary Can Win Utah

Democrat and Republican Elites are floating a new candidate in the hopes of derailing Donald Trump.

Evan McCullin, a former GOP staffer who no one knows, is the latest #NeverTrump candidate for president to take on Donald Trump.

In one of his first interviews on FOX News Evan told Heather Nauert that Donald Trump is “bought and paid for” by Vladimir Putin.

Of course, this is the same line that the Hillary Campaign is pushing.
What a coincidence?

According to US intelligence — There is NO EVIDENCE Trump or Wikileaks has ties to Russia although Hillary Clinton has extensive ties to the Putin regime.

So right off the bat – McMullin is off in left field attacking Donald Trump and repeating bogus Democrat talking points.

So why would the Washington elites run a candidate no one has heard of and has no chance of winning?

The answer is simple.
The Washington elites are hoping McMullin can peel enough votes from Trump so that Hillary Clinton will win Utah.

They will stop at nothing to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

HotAir reported:

Team Evan would say, I’m sure, that their goal is to see him elected president, but realistically it’s to put Utah out of Trump’s reach, either by McMullin shocking everyone and winning the state outright (highly unlikely) or peeling off enough socially conservative Mormon votes from Trump to let Hillary squeak through with a win (mildly unlikely). What sort of numbers would McMullin need to put up to make a difference? Well, here’s new data on the state from Dan Jones & Associates:
trump utah

** McMullin is setting up his campaign headquarters in Utah.

The Democrats and GOP #NeverTrumpers are hoping this guy will steal Utah for Hillary.
What disgusting people.

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