Video: Heavily Armed Security Accompanies Trump on Louisiana Flood Inspection Trip

Two heavily armed Secret Service agents with weapons ready were seen deplaning ahead of Donald Trump from Trump Force One in Louisiana Friday morning.

Trump has been the target of death threats and has had at least one assassination attempt on the campaign trail.

The Republican presidential nominee is taking a presidential-style inspection tour of the flood ravaged state to show solidarity with the flood victims and to contrast leadership styles with resting rival Hillary Clinton and vacationing President Barack Obama.


Video of the armed guards was posted to Twitter by NBC News Micah Grimes.

“These guys stepped off the Trump plane in Baton Rouge ahead of Trump and co.”

Time’s Zeke Miller provided info on the armed men.

In case you were wondering, those heavily armed guys on CNN are USSS counterassault team (CAT) team agents, who protect POTUS and nominees

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