VIDEO: Mother of Crying Baby at Trump Rally Thanks Donald Trump for ‘Comic Relief’ From Pressure Situation

Devan Ebert, the mother of the baby whose cries interrupted a Donald Trump rally in Ashburn, Virginia last week that resulted in a media firestorm when Trump joked about the interruption, spoke out in defense and appreciation of Trump in an interview on the Fox News Channel on Monday.

UPDATE: Complete interview embedded at the end of this article.

“Crying baby from #Trump2016 rally mom speaks out defends Mr Trump and will be voting for him! 👍🏻🇺🇸”

Ebert spoke of Trump being ‘genuine’ and ‘relatable’ and thanked Trump for providing ‘comic relief’ that took the pressure off of her as she temporarily stepped out from the rally to let the baby calm down. A few minutes later Ebert was able to return to her seat with the baby calmed by a pacifier.

When asked by host Jenna Lee is she was insulted by Trump, Ebert said:

“Oh no, not at all, not at all. Not one little bit. I thought it was fine. In fact I appreciate it because, you know you’re a mother and you understand that when your baby starts making the disruption in that crowd in that one event and all the spotlight’s on you it’s so nice to have that comic relief to kind of take some of that pressure off of you.”

Here is baby Vinnie who cried at Trump rally…his Mom says DJT was very funny and gracious!”

Ebert previously spoke out in defense of Trump in an essay posted to Facebook the day after the rally and in an email interview with the Washington Post on Saturday.

Trump, the Republican nominee for president, posted The Gateway Pundit’s article on Ebert defending Trump to his Facebook and Twitter accounts Sunday evening.

Video via Fox News.

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