VIDEO=> Rio Police Commissioner: “Yes” Security Guard Pulled a Gun on US Swimmers, FBI Is Involved

lochte robbed
US Swimmers accused Rio police of pulling a gun on them at a Rio gas stations after a late night party.

Ryan Lochte told Matt Lauer on Today Show earlier this week, “We wouldn’t make this up.”

The international and American media is jumping all over the US swimmers who said they were robbed in Rio.
They are treating the US athletes as if THEY are the criminals.


The swimmers were forced to pay $120 before they gas station would let them leave!
The Brazilian police said swimmers destroyed the bathroom and the employees made them pay.

But now there are reports that two security guards pointed guns at Ryan Lochte and three other US swimmers.

The Rio police today announced security officials PULLED A GUN on the US Swimmers.
Lochte did not lie about that.

“Was an arm pointed at them. Yes. According to the security guards they said because one of them was very upset. We just became aware that one of them was extremely upset. So if there was a use of an arm it was to contain them.”

The Rio commissioner said because they left if was a clear-cut sign they did not want to cooperate.

Obviously, we won’t know the full story until the swimmers are released and return to the US.

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