VIDEO=> Black Youths Start Screaming “Black Lives Matter Mother F*cker!” While Resisting Arrest in Fresno


So this happened.
A black youth was caught on video resisting arrest in Fresno. The youth wrestled with the police officer for two minutes before the officer managed to arrest the teen for jaywalking.
His friend was screaming, “Black lives matter, mother f*cker!” while his friend resisted arrest.

From the video:

A California cop, who tried to detain a high school student for jaywalking, ended up wrestling with him for more than two minutes as the teen’s friend recorded, landing both of them in jail.

The incident took place Wednesday in Fresno near First and Barstow outside Hoover High School when a student known on Facebook as “KC” tried to cross a street, only for a cop to grab him and accuse him of jaywalking.

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