Update: Police Stood Back as Trump Supporters Were Assaulted, Robbed and Spit On by Pro-Hillary Mob

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was in Minneapolis Friday night for a fundraiser held at the city’s convention city that was besieged outside by violent liberal protesters.

Trump supporters attending the rally were punched, spit on and robbed while Trump’s Secret Service motorcade was blocked by protesters who jumped on one of the vehicles.

Now this…
The Trump supporters said the police stood back at they were assaulted, robbed and spit on.
No arrests were made.

PJ Media reported:


A week ago in Minneapolis, Republican donors attending a Trump fundraiser were assaulted, robbed and spat upon by a violent leftist mob as they were leaving the event. Attendees say that even though there was a strong law enforcement presence at the convention center downtown where the fundraiser was held, they were not afforded any police protection when coming to and leaving the event — and even more incredibly, there were no arrests.

Many people who attended the event told Fox 9 that police seemed to back down from intervening, but the Minneapolis Police Department insists there was no stand-down order.

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