UNREAL: ESPN Loon Blames Trump for Kaepernick Not Standing for National Anthem (VIDEO)

Does everyone remember when ESPN was a sports network and not a left-wing social justice warrior network?

In the video below, one ESPN commentator asks another about the Kaepernick controversy of this weekend when the player refused to stand for the national anthem.

kaepernick sitting

The second commentator immediately cites Donald Trump and his proposed temporary ban on Muslims from countries that sponsor terrorism as the reason. Then he even mentions Ferguson and the Black Lives Matter movement. Unreal!

What does ANY of that have to do with Kaepernick’s decision to disrespect the American flag?

Watch the video and turn it all the way up because the audio is a little faint. Earbuds work best to hear the whole exchange.

ESPN is a perfect example of what Powerline calls O’Sullivan’s Law:

Any institution that is not explicitly right wing will become left wing over time.


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