‘Unbiased’ Polling Averages Has Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton in Tight Race

The LongRoom website takes national polls and rates them on bias – meaning the number of Democrat versus Republican voters for the poll.

longroom unbiased results

The LongRoom Polling Analysis uses the latest voting data from each state’s Secretary of State or Election Division. The voting data is kept current by incorporating the latest updates from each state as they become available. This means that the LongRoom Polling Analysis accurately reflects the actual voting demographics, precinct by precinct, county by county, and state by state.

LongRoom took the last four national polls and after correcting them for bias the numbers show Donald Trump with a lead over Hillary Clinton.

Trump leads Hillary Clinton by almost a point when figuring in the polling bias.
Remember this as you see the media try to spin Donald Trump’s demise over the corrupt Hillary Clinton.
trump leads hillary

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