Report: Trump Cancelled Planned Rally in Minneapolis Over Concerns About Violent Liberal Protesters

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was in Minneapolis Friday night for a fundraiser held at the city’s convention city that was besieged outside by violent liberal protesters.

Trump supporters attending the rally were punched, spit on and robbed while Trump’s Secret Service motorcade was blocked by protesters who jumped on one of the vehicles.

(Note: The Star Tribune played down the violence and harassment by the liberal protesters.)

The violence, while anticipated, was for some reason not prevented by the employment of common crowd control techniques.

MinnPost reported on concerns law enforcement had about violent liberal protesters at planned Trump campaign events in Minneapolis that led Trump to cancel a rally and relocate the site of a fundraiser.

Security for the GOP presidential candidate is of such high concern that it forced the Trump campaign to cancel a public rally and to relocate the fundraiser from the Minneapolis Club to the convention center.

The campaign had consulted Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek about suitable venues for the Trump visit. He said he convinced them that protestors would create security problems at the Minneapolis Club, the usual location for big dollar fundraisers.

“The Minneapolis Club has only two ways in and out and both could be blocked by protestors,” Stanek said. “But the Minneapolis Convention Center has multiple egresses so a security detail could have options and there’s a secure entrance for a motorcade to enter.”

The anticipation that Trump would be greeted by more protestors than supporters also eliminated the option of a public rally. Only two Minneapolis venues — the convention center and Target Center — offer the kind of security the Trump campaign needs for a rally, according to Stanek.

Target Center was booked and sources say the convention center didn’t want to take on the safety problems a Trump rally would create.”

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