Tom Tancredo to #NeverTrumpers: If You Do Not Support Trump You Are Not a Patriot!… America is at Stake! (VIDEO)

Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo went off on the #NeverTrump movement tonight on FOX Business Network.

Tancredo, a former Cruz supporter, told the #NeverTrumpers to get in line if they love their country.
tancredo plea

This was a powerful plea to the anti-Trump conservative movement.


Tom Tancredo: Sitting it out is not an option not if you care about the country. You can have personal opinions. you can feel slighted. You can feel that he was insulting to you or to some group. I know all of that but I’m telling you. Do you care about America? Are you truly a patriot? You call yourselves patriots. Are you really? Because you have to understand, if you elect Hillary Clinton, and any vote that is not a vote for Trump, a non-vote, or a vote for somebody else, will help elect her. And if you do that, you are not a patriot! I don’t care what you try to say. I don’t care how you try to rationalize it. America is at stake and Hillary Clinton is going to kill the America that we love. She will finish the job that Obama started!

What a wonderful appeal!

Please continue to urge the #NeverTrump elites to come to their senses – Hillary will kill America as Tancredo says!

Via FOX Business Network

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