STUNNING VIDEOS: Milwaukee Rioters Loot Metro PCS Cell Phone Store

Surveillance camera videos taken during the first night of rioting in Milwaukee on Saturday show about a dozen young Black males climbing through a shattered plate glass window of a Metro PCS store and looting the front and back areas of the store.

The owner of the store made the videos available to the media.

The first video was published on Sunday by WDJT-TV and shows the looters climbing through the front window.


The Metro PCS on 36th and Burleigh was broken into during the violence.

Metro PCA is a cell phone store.

The owner of this store lives in Illinois, saw on her suveillance video at home that her business was being looted.
She reached out to us asking us to share the video which really just speaks for itself…”

CBS 58

A second video from the store was published Monday by WITI-TV.

The second video shows the looters ransacking the rear storage area of the store.

A third, extended version of the surveillance videos published Sunday by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel includes footage from the cash register area.

Featured image via WITI/Twitter.

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