Street Report: Officer Who Shot Sylville Smith Has Rap Video “I’m Going to Start a Riot Like It’s Baltimore” (VIDEO)

Milwaukee residents rioted and looted businesses this past weekend after black criminal Sylville Smith, who was waving a stolen gun, was shot dead by a black police officer.

The rioters targeted police, police cars and “white owned” businesses.
fire milwaukee

Sylville’s sister Sherelle said her brother knew the officer who shot him.


Now this…

This photo of the suspected police officer is floating around the internet.
wisconsin police officer

** It is not clear if this is actually the officer from the shooting but that’s is being reported.

This same officer who shot Sylville Smith reportedly has a rap video.

“I’m Going to Start a Riot Like Its Baltimore”

milwaukee cop

Boy, did he ever!

Hat Tip Andrew

Wisconsin Fire reported:

We have all been following the story of the events occurring in Milwaukee this past weekend. The police involed shooting of 23 year old Sylville Smith on August 13 caused an uprising of riots from angry residents leaving multiple businesses engulfed in flames and Sherman Blvd. occupied by Police.

The officer involved in the shooting, known to the city as “Domo” was no fresh face to reputation for many sources describe Domo as a “snitch”, “Uncle Rukus” and a “dirty cop.”

Research revealed that Smith and the officer at one point went to the same high school, Casimir Pulaski High, where it is rumored that Smith had intimate relations with one of Domo’s old flings. Some are questioning the true motives of the shooting not only because of old grudges between the two, but the fact that Domo may not be a credible officer to begin with.

A song written and recorded by the officer just last year of 2015 called “Monster Freestyle” has surfaced revealing explicit lyrics depicting behavior such as, doing drugs, concealing weapons and shooting people. That along with character witnesses, leaves the family and friends of Smith as well as city residents weary of putting trust in the Milwaukee Police Department.

Are these the officers we are intrusting with protecting our communities? The media nor the MPD have given much closure to this, so the city has taken getting answers into their own hands.

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