Steve Malzberg Documents Hillary’s Racism Problem Incident by Incident (VIDEO)

Steve Malzberg

Newsmax host Steve Malzberg pointed out multimple instances of racism on Hillary’s part during his show Friday night. It’s amazing how many there are and how the media has ignored pretty much all of them.

He started with an appearance Hillary Did with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio this spring where she and de Blasio joked about being on CP time.

He then went to Hillary’s eulogy for Senator and former KKK member Robert Byrd. Malzberg reminds us that Bill Clinton also spoke fondly of Byrd.


Then comes Hillary’s famous “super predators” remark and the 2008 comments from Bill Clinton to Ted Kennedy about how a few years ago, Obama would be getting them coffee.

It just goes on and on but Hillary calls Donald Trump a racist and the media goes along with it.

Watch below:

If we had an honest media, you’d see reports like this on TV.

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