Did Someone Just Try to Assassinate Julian Assange?… Attempted Break-in at Ecuadorian Embassy

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew that the US was sending arms from Libya to Syria back in 2011, a year before the Benghazi consulate attacks.

Hillary Clinton denied she knew about the weapons shipments during public testimony (under oath) in early 2013 after the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Senator Rand Paul questioned Hillary Clinton about this gun running program back in January 2013 during her testimony on the Benghazi terrorist attack.


In late July Julian Assange told Democracy Now that the Wikileaks DNC emails contain information on weapons shipments to Syria.

assange hillary

** Earlier this month Assange promised to release more emails on the Clinton Foundation.

Now this…
An unknown male attempted to break into the Ecuadorian Embassy in London this morning.
He fled after being caught by security.

Julian Assange has been holed up in the embassy for the last four years.

Wikileaks posted this earlier today.

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