SEAN HANNITY GOES OFF – Blasts Dumba$$, Elitist, A$$hole #NeverTrumper at Wall Street Journal

In May, Wall Street Journal deputy editorial page editor Bret Stephens told Fareed Zakaria on CNN that Donald Trump needed lose decisively to Hillary Clinton.

Stephens said it was the only way GOP voters “would learn their lesson.”
bret stephens

On Wednesday Sean Hannity blasted the #NeverTrump so-called conservative crowd who continue to denounce and sabotage the Trump campaign.


In response Bret Stephens called Sean “FOX News’ dumbest anchor.”

Stephens should be more careful with his English when calling someone dumb.
The correct possessive Stephens was looking for was “FOX News’s” not “FOX News'”.

After his popular three hour radio show and successful TV show Hannity responded.
And he didn’t hold back.

“If Hillary wins I will hold assholes like you accountable.”

“It’s arrogant, elitist, enablers like you that never hold R’s accountable that created the opening for Trump!!”


“Wsj genius. Where were u when Boehner punted on the power of the purse a added nearly 5 trillion in new debt?”

Great work, Sean!
As Tea Party leader Bill Hennessy said today, “You Can’t be Never Trump and Never Hillary; You’re responsible if she’s elected.”

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