Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Are Nervous About Their Dud Candidate

By the latest numbers things could not be going any worse for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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She Blew Through $75m in Advertising and Went Down in the Polls

Clinton spent $257m on her campaign to Trump’s $87m so far this election cycle.  In June it was reported that Clinton spent $23m on ads in swing states to Trump’s $0.  By mid-August Clinton had spent more than $75 million on advertising in 10 swing states to Trump’s $0.  Trump has since invested $5 million in swing state advertising.

Clinton’s campaign ads are not working. In spite of spending millions in negative advertising against Trump in highly competitive states like Pennsylvania, Hillary is falling behind in the polls.  The fact that biased media attacks and negative advertising don’t seem to impact the race and only help Trump puts Clinton in a quandary.  These were her only tools to beat Trump in the election.  Now she seemingly has nothing.

No One is Showing Up at Her Events

Hillary Clinton has only one Clinton campaign event scheduled (on Thursday in Las Vegas) in the foreseeable future. No other campaign rallies are currently scheduled! Trump on the other hand continues to materially outpace Hillary Clinton in rallies and in attendance at campaign events.  Through the first three weeks of August Trump has more than doubled the number of events that Clinton has. Month to date through Sunday August 21st Trump has held 24 campaign events to Clinton’s 10.  He also has events scheduled daily through Thursday, August 25th.  (Note that this list only includes individual campaign speaking engagements and not fundraisers or visits with government and corporate leaders which Trump appears to be outpacing Clinton as well.)

Due in part to the number of events held, Trump continues to significantly outpace the number of event goers that Clinton has month to date. Trump has accumulated more than 135,000 people at his rallies while Clinton has accumulated only a little more than 10,000. As a result Trump has 13 times more attendees at his events than does Hillary.

Trump vs Hillary Attendance 8-21 

While Trump continues to smash Clinton in attendance at events, Clinton continues to take time off. Clinton has only held campaign rallies ten of the first 21 days in the month and as noted above she has no campaign event scheduled till Thursday. Clinton is now holding campaign events less than 50% of the time. Either the Clinton campaign does not want to show that no one is coming to her events or she is sick or both.

Her Health is Now an Issue

A couple recent events bring to light Clinton’s health. A video of her having some sort of seizure was released that went viral.

Then she had a similar response at the Democratic convention.  A black man spotted repeatedly by Clinton’s side appears to be a doctor or medical professional. Although there is no word from the Clinton campaign regarding health issues, if she is sick then she risks getting sicker if she holds more campaign events.  Also, the more time she spends in public the greater the chance of her having another episode that is recorded.  This may be why she is not partaking in campaign events.

She is Getting Destroyed on Social Media

Trump is crushing Clinton in basically every conceivable numerical measure on social media.  He has double the Facebook ‘likes’ (10m to 5m), a 5 to 4 ratio (11m to 8m) in Twitter followers,  averages 30,000 livestream viewers on YouTube to Hillary’s 500, and ‘Hillary for Prison’ has more Reddit subscribers (55,000) than Hillary subscribers (24,000) while Trump has nearly 200,000 Reddit subscribers.

These numbers are simply staggering.
The above information was posted earlier by Joe Hoft

On Wednesday Rush Limbaugh called the liberal media’s bluff.
Rush believes Democrats are very nervous about the corrupt and low energy politician they are running for president.

Via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: My thinking on this, with Hillary basically phoning it in now — and they’re making no bones about it, by the way. The Democrat Party, other than their fundraising, which they seem hell-bent on. But that’s nothing really odd. That’s what the Clintons do is ask people for money. That’s essentially the reason they’re alive is to ask people for money, and they’re probably better at it than most anybody else.

But aside from that, no press conferences, no campaign appearances, let the media run the campaign, essentially. And it’s the old overconfidence aspect settling in. And it makes a lot of people on the Democrat side nervous. And I think privately they’re a little bit more nervous than they admit simply because they saw what happened during the primaries. They saw what Trump can do.

So I don’t think this show that they’re putting on of, “Hey, you know, it’s over. This guy’s a buffoon, he has no prayer. Everybody loves Hillary. She’s gonna win this thing in a cakewalk.” I think that a lot of that is making others on the Democrat side a little nervous. We’re not talking about Babe Ruth here calling her shot. I mean, Hillary Clinton has got her own problem with negatives. She has her own problem with people that don’t like her. In fact, this may be an election, one of those elections where more people vote against somebody than actually vote for somebody. It could well be.

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