Hillary Fences Out Reporters Behind Vine Covered Chain Link Fence

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a fundraiser in Provincetown, Massachusetts Sunday afternoon attended by a reported 1000 supporters that featured celebrities Cher and Billie Jean King as well as current and former elected officials including Sen. Ed Markey and former Rep. Barney Frank. The event was held at the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum.

One would think the Clinton campaign would want the press to broadcast such star-powered backing for Hillary’s presidential bid.

Instead, the press was kept behind a vine covered chain link fence. A photo posted to Twitter by the AP’s Lisa Lerer demonstrates the Clinton campaign’s commitment to transparency.


“Press view of Clinton’s fundraiser in Provincetown MA with Cher. About 1000 attendees. Minimum contribution of $45.”

Bloomberg’s Margaret Talev also posted a photo from behind the vine covered chain link fence.

“Clinton pool’s perch for @Cher fundraiser in P-town. No access; bits overheard sounded like standard stump speech.”

There are no press photos from inside the fundraiser and no press articles about the fundraiser at all from Clinton’s political press as of publication time of this article.

Katherine Miller with Buzzfeed posted a Clinton press pool dispatch from the chain link fence where the reporter thinks they can hear Cher’s voice “echo down the hillside.”

Hillary Clinton Provincetown Pool 1 Twitter

Hillary Clinton Provincetown Pool 2 Twitter

Cher slammed Clinton’s rival, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in brief comments made to the Clinton pool as she departed the fundraiser, per Talev.

“@Cher to Clinton trvl pool: @realDonaldTrump “might become a better candidate” but “he will never be a better human being””

“@cher contd: called @realDonaldTrump “racist” “misogynist” and “horrible person” in remarks to Clinton trvl pool departing f-raiser”

Without press access, CBS’ Hannah Chanpong was left with posting an oddball collage of Instagram photos taken by attendees.

“Scenes from Hillary Clinton’s fundraiser with Cher this afternoon in Provincetown on @instagram:”

The Cape Cod Times posted a photo gallery of images taken outside the fundraiser that can be viewed at this link.

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