Liberal Reporters Freak Out Over Passionate Trump Supporters

Reporters covering the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump are freaking out over Trump rally attendees letting them know what they think of their coverage of Trump.

In the past week more Trump supporters than usual have been coming up to the press pen at rallies and staring at reporters, holding Trump-Pence signs, taking pictures and telling off reporters–causing the reporters to get uneasy.

The AP’s Jill Colvin at Trump’s Dimondale, Michigan rally Friday:

“This really is getting weirder and weirder.”

“@SarahMaslinNir reporters are sitting in a pen filing after rally. But about 15 people are standing here, staring at us as we work”

“This guy is yelling out super crass insults against CNN reporters with his son at his side”

CNN’s Noah Gray from Dimondale recorded the heckling:

“More from the press pen: man shouts & press, w/ his laughing child by his side, who wants his dad to stand closer”

The Guardian’s Dan Roberts at Trump’s Charlotte, North Carolina rally Thursday:

“This man at the Trump rally is very carefully taking individual pictures of all the reporters in the media pen”

“@stuwhitey @darthhomme @judybattista several reporters asked him to stop and he refused”

“@keithlanephoto he was repeatedly asked to stop but just kept insisting he had a right to take our pictures”

“@KatrickPay I generally don’t go up to individuals & stick a camera in their face without asking. It’d be different if he was taking scene.”

“@KatrickPay I didn’t ask him. Others did. I felt appropriate response was to document. Context of threats against reporters matters here too”

NBC News’ Ali Vitali at Charlotte:

“2 guys standing in front of press pen/taking photos of press.
“Theyre just crazed.”
“Against Trump. They’re just crazed.”

CBS News’ Sopan Deb:

“Grown men booing the media in the press pen as if we are Hulk Hogan with the nWo at every Trump rally will always be a bit weird to me.”

Circa’s Raffi Williams at Trump’s West Bend, Wisconsin rally:

“Sitting in the press pit at the Trump rally in West Bend,Wi with @iNewsReporter and this happened unprompted”

CNN’s Reliable Sources did a segment last Sunday with the AP’s Jill Colvin with the theme, “Is Covering Trump a Dangerous Job for Reporters?”

“At Trump rallies, journalists are jeered and booed. “It is quite a feeling.” Watch @ColvinJ describe what it’s like”

One reporter covering Trump went on a full blown Twitter freak out at Thursday’s Trump rally in Charlotte.

The New Republic’s Jared Yates Sexton is a pathological Trump hater, so his observations need be taken in that context.

Sexton’s tweet storm from the Charlotte rally starts here:

“So I got into tonight’s Trump rally. Was just next to a couple of guys by the press pit talking about beating the shit out of reporters.”

Excerpts of Sexton’s tweet storm:

“If you thought Trump couldn’t be more terrifying, welcome to The Age of Breitbart.”

Speech ends, husband says to wife lets go over and give those reporters a piece of our minds He’s looking for a reporter to yell at”

Crowd filing out by press pit, staring daggers, pointing, some yelling The normal Trump rally now includes a post rally trip to press guardrail

Talked to multiple journalists, all of them agreed it’s getting worse. One said he wished he was undercover like me.

“There were SEVERAL men casing the press pen, taking pictures and notes. Several.”

Tonight had a much different air. The crowd was vocal about readiness to pin Trump loss on media. Several mentions of post-loss violence I heard several people talking about wanting to hurt the press, several mentioning a civil war if Trump loses. This is building in a hurry. There were people talking about attacking reporters, jailing them, lobotomizing them. They have a focus. They have a shared language. Trump has seeded this antipathy toward the press since the primaries and it’s coming into full bloom. It’s not dislike now, it’s hatred.”

Tonight was frightening. Period. Bannon has Trump polished up. His supporters are ready for violence and focused on media. It’s a lot. I’ve covered the Trump campaign for over a year now and have seen this worsen. The anger changes, grows. It’s going to boil over. It started with Muslims and moved to BLM. Then it was Clinton and calling for her death. Now it’s media. It won’t stop spreading.”

Trump wasn’t Trump tonight. He was a megaphone spouting off Breitbart copy. It was organized and structured. Nuanced. That’s terrible news. He kept crowd’s attention, which he’s never been able to do. He crafted a very dangerous narrative and they swallowed it whole. Supporters are primed to explode. I don’t see how they don’t.

Sexton’s article for the New Republic about his night at the Trump rally can be read here.

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