PHOTOS=> Lock Her Up! Best Trump Fan Art Evah!

Somewhere in America an unknown Trump supporter parked a black and white done up as a Trump police car by the roadside.

Trump Police Car Fan Art Twitter

A close look at the rear passenger window shows the message “Hillary for Prison 2016” written in large stylized lettering.

A closer inspection shows a forlorn looking backseat passenger.


Trump Police Car Fan Art Hillary Twitter

Trump-Pence audiences chant, “Lock her up!” at rallies when Clinton is mentioned.

“Donald Trump contrasts himself with Hillary Clinton and the crowd chants, “Lock her up!””

“Crowd here in Purcellville (Virginia) chanting “lock her up,” when @mike_pence mentions @HillaryClinton.”

The photos of the Trump police car were taken and posted to Twitter by [email protected] who granted permission to ‘steal the pics’.

“Came across this vehicle today. Hillary is in the back.
[email protected] @peddoc63 @JimmyJames38 #Trump”

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