Paul Nehlen: People Are Tired of Paul Ryan’s Globalist, Soulless Agenda of Sending Our Jobs Overseas (VIDEO)

Businessman Paul Nehlen lashed out at Speaker Paul Ryan Tuesday on the Lou Dobbs Tonight show.

Nehlen blamed Ryan for negotiating the worst trade policy in US history.

He accused Ryan of supporting soulless globalism.


paul nehlen dobbs

Paul Nehlen: Paul Ryan has failed to fund our double layered 700 mile fence in fact he’s done the opposite. He’s brought in tons of cheap labor that hurts those at the bottom rungs of the ladder in our country… Speaker Ryan has a 20 year career of being the most open border, anti-worker pro-Wall Street member of Congress in either party… Paul Ryan has negotiated the worst trade deal in our lifetime. It gives up US sovereignty. It gives our jobs away. And, people are tired of this globalist, this soulless agenda of sucking America dry and sending our jobs overseas.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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