OBAMA ENDORSES TRUMP! Malik Obama Supports Donald Trump, “I Can’t Stand Phonies” (VIDEO)

Guest Post by Joe Hoft

Malik Obama met with Charles C. Johnson in Washington DC last month to discuss his support for Donald J. Trump.

Johnson released the video this weekend at GotNews:


Malik was Barack Obama’s best man at his wedding.
malik barack

In the new video Malik Obama discussed various issues including his opposition to illegal immigration and his support for a border wall.

Malik also believes a temporary Muslim ban in America would be a good thing.

Malik added this on Trump,

“He talks from the heart, and what he says makes sense. He’s not a phoney, and I can’t stand phonies.”

Malik on Muslims,

“If people are going to come here and blow up the country, then you’ve got to stop it.”

And, Malik added this on Trump’s America first approach,

“Why shouldn’t America be first, what’s wrong with that?”

Malik is like a Republican dream! An Obama who has common sense and doesn’t lie!

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