Now She Cares About Security: Hillary Clinton Staff Warned to Not Use ‘Trump’ in Emails to Thwart Hackers

In the ‘you can’t make this up’ file, Democratic party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff was warned to not use the name of Clinton’s rival Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in emails to thwart hackers looking for dirt on her campaign.

The Clinton staffers were also urged to use a security app called Signal which encrypts voice and message traffic on smartphones.

Vanity Fair reported on the security measures of the Clinton campaign in an article with the title and sub-title, “HOW THE CLINTON CAMPAIGN IS FOILING THE KREMLIN Staffers are now using a “Snowden-approved” app to hide Trump-related e-mails from hackers, in Russia and elsewhere.”

The article describes a May 17 meeting at Clinton’s Brooklyn campaign headquarters between Democrat super-lawyer Marc Elias who is the campaign’s general counsel and about a dozen Clinton staffers and a DNC consultant.

Marc Elias Twitter
Marc E. Elias, image via Twitter.

“…Eventually, they settled upon an empty conference room. As the Democratic staffers took their seats, they were joined by Marc Elias, the general counsel for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, and given a grave warning: from that point forward, they should avoid using one single word in their e-mails.

That word, according to someone with intimate knowledge of the meeting, was one with which they were increasingly familiar: “Trump.”

…In the intervening weeks, staffers were told, according to a person who works with the committee, that if anyone was going to communicate about Donald Trump over e-mail or text message, especially if those missives were even remotely contentious or disparaging, it was imperative that they do so using an application called Signal.

…Signal, staffers in the meeting were told, was “Snowden-approved.” A week after the meeting at the campaign headquarters, according to two people who have worked with the D.N.C. and the Clinton campaign, an e-mail was sent out instructing staffers where to download the app and how to use it. Shortly thereafter, the news broke that the D.N.C had been hacked. (Elias did not respond to e-mails and voicemails. A spokesman for the D.N.C. declined to comment, as did a spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.)

Years after keeping an unsecured email server in her New York state home to exclusively conduct State Department business while secretary Clinton used a highly sophisticated program called BleachBit to delete and hide traces of thousands of supposedly private emails.

The FBI was able to recover about 14,000 work related emails and has forwarded them to the State Department for review.

The State Department said in a court filing last week that emails related to the 2012 Benghazi attack were among those deleted by Clinton and recovered by the FBI.

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